1Notion only formed after a total immersion in the many levels of the photography business:

Phase 1: In front of the camera

I began my career in sports photography as a professional volleyball player both domestically and internationally, which later led to a career as a model in fashion photography traveling the world.

Phase 2: Beside the camera

Later, like most models, I mistakenly believed that I wanted to be a photographer myself, so I put my shirt back on and began assisting the men and women that I had modeled for. I learned everything there is to know about lighting, power sources, loading film, wrangling talent, and fetching coffee.

Phase 3: Behind the camera

Eventually, I did start shooting my own work and, though I loved it and still enjoy getting out to shoot, I realized that maybe… I wasn’t that good. More importantly, I realized that this wasn’t where my true passion was.

Phase 4: 1Notion – Behind the laptop

It wasn’t until a three-week photo and video expedition to equatorial Africa documenting HIV/AIDS programs for a non-profit that things clicked. Re-evaluating everything I’d learned and experienced over the years, I saw that my truly unique skill-set was in evaluating the goals of a potential client and then collaborating with creative talent to facilitate the production of imagery that illustrates those goals, ideas, and concepts. 

Adam Renfree

Adam Renfree, Principal

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Notion [noh-shuh n] – noun

a general understanding, conception, belief, or idea

1Notion [wuhn noh-shuh n] – a creative collaboration

Creatives, artists, and key account executives collaborating to illustrate a single concept, belief, or idea.